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We test our students regularly on the curriculum taught in class. The tests are often part of the Klett-Series textbooks that we use, modified by the teacher.

Testing by Outside Organizations - USA

The American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) makes yearly National High School Examinations available.

AATG Levels 2, 3 and 4

Who can take this test? Level 2 or 3 is given to students in the upper level classes (Level 7/8) if their readiness has been established. Level 4 is generally given to Level 9/10 classes.

Purpose: These examinations are designed to compare a teacher’s students with all other students nationwide. They are also used as a teaching tool. About 25,000 students participate every year.

Description: The test is 105 minutes long and consists of a 25-minute long listening comprehension section, as well as a 40-minute long reading comprehension section.

Where and when: The test is administered at the GLSW in either December or early January.

The College Board administers both the SAT II and AP tests in German to high school students.

SAT II Subject Tests in German

Who can take this test? Students must be in high school to take the test. Strong students in Level 9/10 have done well.

Purpose: The test is designed for use by colleges to determine how well students are prepared for college German programs, to place students in college courses, and to advise students on course selection.

Description: This test goes beyond the AATG test in the knowledge of German that is required. It includes asking students to read excerpts from literary works and to answer questions and tackle grammar problems. There are two versions of the test: The German Test and the German Test With Listening. Both versions are 60 minutes long.  A 30-question practice test is available on the College Board website.

Where and when? These tests are given twice a year in various designated test centers (high schools) around the state. The German Test With Listening is given in November. The German Test Without Listening is given in June.

AP Exams - Advanced Placement Program

Who can take this test? Those who take the test are generally highly motivated high school students who study hard to pass these examinations with a high score.

Purpose: The AP German course is designed to be the equivalent to a third year college course. Some colleges require a 4 or a 5 for advanced placement. More than 2,900 universities and colleges worldwide give credit for this test.

Description: This test, about three hours long, includes listening and reading comprehension, grammar, essay writing, cultural competency, and speaking onto a tape. The scores range from 1-5, five being the best score.

Where and when? These tests are given in various designated test centers (high schools) around the state, usually in May.

Testing by Outside Organizations - Germany

Bundesverwaltungsamt-Zentralstelle für Auslandsschulwesen - Central Agency for German Schools Abroad

These tests, referred to as Sprachdiplom, follow the “Europäischer Referenzrahmen” which sets international standards and levels for German language proficiency. There are two levels: the A2/B1 exam and the B2/C1 exam. Both tests take two days. They are the same worldwide and consist of four parts: written communication, reading ability, listening, and oral communication.

A2/B1 Exam

Who can take this test? Students starting at the age of 12 can participate.

Purpose: Students who pass this test are qualified to enroll in a German language college preparatory class (Studienkolleg) that is generally offered at German universities. This course is totally separate from the regular course work at that university. Students passing the A2/B1 test can attend this preparatory course without taking the entrance exam normally required.

Where and when? This test is given annually at a location designated by the German government. Time and place may vary from year to year.

B2/C1 Exam

Who can take this take this test? Students who have passed the A2/B1 Exam.

Purpose: Passing the B2/C1 Exam satisfies the German language requirement to enroll in a German university.

Where and when? This test is given annually at a location designated by the German government. Time and place may vary from year to year.