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GLSW School Year 2020/2021 Registration

Be one of our amazing students and register for the new school year!

Please click the button below to start the registration for the 2020/2021 school year.

Note: You have 60 minutes to complete the form. If you stop for more than 15 minutes, the form will reset and you will lose your information.

Sign-up Procedure

Start by selecting one of the following sessions:

  • Student and Adult Classes - PAYMENT IN FULL AT CHECKOUT (Select this to pay full tuition at checkout)
  • Student and Adult Classes - INSTALLMENT PLAN (Select this to pay tuition over 4 installments)
  • Mommy, Daddy, & Me (There is no installment plan option for this session)


1. Add classes you are signing up for. You should ADD not more than one item of each category: Mommy, Daddy, & Me Classes or Student and Adult Classes. Important: After ADDing the class, you must set the Quantity field to the corresponding number of students!

Example 1: For registering 2 students and 1 child for Full Year Mommy, Daddy, & Me Classes:

ADD "One Child Full Year ..." and keep Quantity at 1. Then ADD "2 students ..." and set Quantity to 2.

Example 2: For registering 2 students alone:

ADD only "2 students ..." and set Quantity to 2.

2. Click CONTINUE. On the new page, enter your email address. Then enter the personal data for each person. If you sign up more than one person, select "Register a new person" in the drop-down menu next to "Person".

3. Enter additional information. This needs to be done only once (although the site asks for every student).

4. After you entered your billing information, you will be asked to create a password that ties with your email address.  You must do this to register online.





In the summer, you will receive an email with a link to sign up for volunteer activities

To obtain a paper registration form, send an email to [email protected].  


Please contact GLSW Principal Frau Christine Gehres at [email protected] or by calling 201-825-9770.

You're welcome to stop by, sit in on a class, and speak with some of our current students over a cup of coffee.


Location and Times:

Children’s Classes: Saturday morning classes are held at Saint John's Academy, 460 Hillsdale Avenue, Hillsdale, NJ.
Adult Classes: Weekday classes are held at the Zion Lutheran Church Annex in Westwood on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Saturday morning classes are held at Saint John' Academy in Hillsdale. 

Please email [email protected] for detail on the levels of classes offered each day. 

When registering for weekday evening classes, please note in the comments section that you are registering for a weekday class. The school year consists of 30 weekly classes starting in September and running through May.

Refund Policy:

Withdrawals and requests for tuition refunds should be submitted to the Principal.  Registration fees are not refundable at any time.  Tuition will be refunded as follows:

  • Withdrawal before the 3rd class - 100% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal before the 4th class - 75% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal before the 5th class - 50% of tuition refunded
  • After the fifth class, no tuition is refundable


If a student is expelled due to disciplinary reasons, the above schedule does not apply, and no portion of the tuition is refundable.

Tuition Rates:


Regular Classes
  1 Student 2 Students 3 Students 4 Students 5 Students

Early Tuition
Full Payment
(Through 9-August)

$992.00 $1,755.00 $2,438.00 $3,043.00 $3,568.00

Early Registration
Installment Plan
(Through 9-August)

$1,042.00 $1,805.00 $2,488.00 $3,093.00 $3,618.00
Late Registration
Full Payment
(From 10-August)
$1,142.00 $1,905.00 $2,588.00 $3,193.00 $3,718.00
Late Registration
Installment Plan
(From 10-August)
$1,192.00 $1,955.00 $2,638.00 $3,243.00 $3,768.00


Mommy, Daddy & Me Classes
  1 Child 1 Child 2 Children 2 Children
  Half Year Full Year Half Year Full Year
Early Tuition
(Through 9-August)
$180.00 $258.00 $337.00 $477.00
Regular Tuition
(From 10-August)
$210.00 $298.00 $397.00 $557.00