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Our Youngest Students

Our dedicated teachers and their assistants strive to foster a caring and nurturing learning environment that gently introduces your child to German language and culture.

 Mommy, Daddy & Me (ages 1 ½ – 3 years)

This class is a wonderful introduction to the German language and culture with the comfort of mommy, daddy or caretaker present. Parents will meet other parents interested in encouraging early language exposure to their young children while spending special, joyful time with their child.

The weekly routine includes teacher-directed activities such as movement, singing, coloring, playing hide and seek with body parts, reading books, as well as free play. One week we have a little picnic in class and learn about plates, cups etc. We also celebrate the traditional holidays of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland... Parents are encouraged to interact in an active manner with their children, e.g. singing and speaking in German along with the teacher. We review themes such as the alphabet, colors, numbers 1-20, animals, body parts, big/small, seasons, food, family members and rooms in the house. Very basic grammar (du, ich, der, die das) is introduced.

Kindergarten 1 (approx. ages 3-5)

In Kindergarten 1, children learn vocabulary through games, music, stories, and crafts. Most activities are hands-on, e.g. using crayons, children’s scissors, colored paper and more. The children strengthen their fine motor skills with our craft activities, and they proudly take their finished products home. The children learn vocabulary including the following topics: my book bag, numbers 1-12, my body, my clothing, weather, seasons and furniture. We learn about and celebrate German holidays, including German Day, Sankt Martins Day, Nikolaus Day, Christmas, Fasching and Easter. Definite and indefinite articles, and singular and plural nouns are introduced.

Kindergarten 2 (approx. ages 5-6)

In this class, we elaborate on many of the themes mentioned above, expanding the children’s vocabulary: the alphabet, numbers, animals, family members, the playground, school, swimming, holidays and weather. Students will start to learn to speak in short sentences. The class is taught in a relaxed, fun environment, incorporating books, Music CDs, flash cards, games and more. There is a high level of interaction with the children including work at the black board. Students will learn to speak in short sentences.

German for Youth & Teens

We have classes for young people of all ages. Our youth and teen classes are divided into 9 levels. We strive to group children according to their ability, and balance this with the importance of keeping them with their age and grade levels peers.

At certain levels of their studies, students will have the opportunity to evaluate their proficiency by taking part in the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) tests, which provide a national equivalency score to 2, 3 and 4 years of high school.

Students wishing to prepare for the SAT II and/or AP tests are offered special instruction and coaching. In addition, tests (Sprachdiplom I and II) are offered through the German Government, which oversees language proficiency, which could lead to study at a German university. Please view our Tests section for more information about exams.

Level 1 (approx. ages 6-7)

In Level 1, we build on the children’s vocabulary, reviewing past themes and introducing new themes such as friends, the senses, groceries, the park, the supermarket, feelings, hobbies, animals and school. Songs, finger puppet plays and arts and crafts are integrated to make the process of learning German fun and joyful.

Textbook: Meine Freunde und ich

Level 2 (approx. ages 7-8)

This class focuses on pronunciation/speaking, grammar and vocabulary, and also introduces writing, reading and listening skills. The themes covered include greetings – formal and informal, hobbies, types of animals, names of German speaking countries-their capitals, flags, cities, history and customs, types of houses, rooms of a house and colors. We play various language games, sing songs and read poems/short stories together. Grammar lessons focus on question words “wer”, “wie” and “was”, definite and indefinite articles of nouns, conjugations of the verbs “kommen”, “wohnen”, “leben”, “sehen” and “fahren”, negative statements using “nicht” and “kein”, and the usage of adjectives.

Textbook/Workbook: Das neue Deutschmobil 1

Level 3 (approx. ages 8-9)

We focus on the fundamental structures of the German language to enable the students to have conversations about days of the week, my schedule, my birthday, school supplies, the zoo, the circus, talents, weaknesses and travel. Students continue their study of verb conjugations, questions, personal pronouns, articles, possessive pronouns, modal verbs, separable verbs, prepositions and the accusative case. Games, plays and songs are utilized to reinforce language skills and make learning fun.

Textbook/Workbook: Das neue Deutschmobil 1

Level 4 (approx. ages 10-11)

Level 4 students improve their speaking and writing skills, while continuing to expand their vocabulary. They will learn about Europe and its languages, famous Europeans, friendship, courage, resisting peer pressure, twins, at the doctor’s, health problems, exercise, in and around Salzburg, a ghost story, fairy tales, life on a farm, pirates and Vikings. Grammar will include past perfect (with “haben” and “sein”), simple past tense, modal verbs, adjectives (comparative and superlative forms), the dative case for nouns, articles, personal pronouns, the dative case with prepositions of place and direction, and dependent clauses “wenn” and “als”. This class is highly interactive, incorporating games (board and dice games), vocabulary and grammar competitions, hand-on projects (origami, t-shirt decorating), songs, exercise and writing stories together.

Textbook/Workbook: Das neue Deutschmobil 2, Lessons 1-7

Level 5 (approx. ages 11-12)

In this class, the students deepen their knowledge of all areas mentioned above. Grammar activities include modal verbs, prepositions in the dative and accusative case, interrogatives, past tense with “haben” and “sein”, comparative and superlative, imperative, past tense of regular and irregular verbs and possessive pronouns in the nominative case. Themes include free time/leisure, music, cars/travel/traffic, media, our environment and its protection. Learning techniques utilized include role play, games and mini-competitions.

Textbook/Workbook: Das neue Deutschmobil 2

Level 6 (approx. ages 12-13)

In Level 6, students delve deeper into acquisition of the German language. Vocabulary, grammar, speaking and writing are all emphasized. Past tense, prepositions with the dative and accusative case, indirect questions, why-questions, subordinate sentences, sentence connectors and more will be covered. Themes include Switzerland, service animals, styles/types of homes, shops/shopping, styles/types of schooling, music and musical instruments. Students are actively engrossed in learning through special activities such as role playing, “quiz shows”, language acquisition games and student-teacher role reversals.

Textbooks/Workbook: Mega 2

Level 7/8 (approx. ages 13-14)

We continue to expand the student’s proficiency with emphasis on vocabulary and grammar, including declension of adjectives, dependent clause (relative, temporal), infinitive phrases “um…zu”, “mit…zu”, “ohne…zu”, indefinite pronouns, question verbs and prepositions. Themes covered are inventions and experiments, nutrition, meals, eating habits, the history of the potato, learning habits, protecting our environment, saving energy, observing nature and more. Students will enjoy hands-on projects (small experiment, preparing food), games (grammar, vocabulary competitions, logic games) and the utilization of audio and video recordings.


Level 9 (approx. ages 14-15)

Students in this level focus on communication skills which will allow them to hold simple conversations on various every day topics, such as Vacation (places, weather and activities), School (teachers, subjects, difficulties), Shopping (stores, unites of measure, packaging, groceries), Food from different cultures (U.S., Germany, meals (healthy living, snacks, food pyramid), Restaurants (ordering food, etiquette, customs) and more.  Some of the class will participate in any writing competitions sponsored by the German Government, while others prepare oral presentations with posters as visual aids.  More time will be spent on writing essays.  Time will be dedicated to group work, from creating a mini-storybook with pictures to in-class competitions with prizes awarded by the teacher, a fantastic experience for cooperative learning while having fun.

Textbooks/Workbook:  Mega 3

Level 10 (approx. ages 15-17)

Level 10 serves as a major review of material previously learned. Advanced vocabulary, grammatical structures as well as writing skills are important elements covered. Test preparation is also an integral part of this class.  The students are engaged, as they suggest the topics for class discussion and debate.  Grammar and vocabulary games/competitions are utilized to add variety.  By the time most of these students have reached Level 10, they have been together at the GLSW for several years (some 10+!), so they are friends and work well as a team.  As a result, German School extends into their daily lives, as some students stay in touch via text outside of school.  This dynamic adds to the richness of the learning experience.  Our goal is that the students graduate from the school empowered to use what they have learned with confidence and self-assurance.

Some of our students will be preparing for the DSD I or II, while others may work towards the SAT II.  The teacher works with each student individually, helping them balance the demands of regular schoolwork while preparing for the standardized German tests.  Our students have a track record of success in these tests, of which we are very proud.

Textbooks/Workbook: Das neue Deutschmobil 3

German for Adults

Planning a trip to Germany? Would you like to brush up on your language skills while your son or daughter is in class? Have you always wanted to learn the language? Need to learn German for professional reasons? Join our lively and interactive adult classes, available in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to best suit your proficiency.

Adult Level 1/Beginner

Level 1 is an introductory German course which uses the textbook Themen neu 1.

Students learn to talk about themselves and introduce themselves to others. They also learn about meeting people in various situations such as at a department store, at the university, at the subway and at work. Role play adds a measure of reality and makes learning fun. Other topics relate to vacations, work and seeking a job. Vocabulary, structure, grammar and conversation are an integral part of each class. We also have a lot of fun.

Adult Level 2/Advanced Beginner

The textbooks Themen neu 1 and Themen neu 2 are used in level 2 . Students learn about looks and personality, education and professions, entertainment, work, the economy, family and personal relationship and more. Grammar, structure, vocabulary and conversation are important aspects of this course.  This class is perfect for those looking to brush up on their German!

Adult Level 3/Intermediate

The text and workbook used in this course is “Lagune 3“ by Hueber. Vocabulary, structure and grammar exercises are based on relevant topics in the textbook, which present a view of Germany in present day culture. We also read and discuss simplified literary works, such as ”Faust” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. As a result, students gain insights into the literary world of Germany’s great authors.

Adult Level 4/Advanced

The Adult Advanced class is built around discussion of contemporary German-language fiction and non-fiction. Each week, students are assigned a 5-10 page section from a different book. The reading selection is discussed in class the following Saturday, when students are also given an opportunity to get help with challenging vocabulary and grammatical constructions. The diversity of the reading material ensures that everyone will discover new authors and works that they want to read in their entirety. Role-playing exercises and debates ensure lively, engaging classes where everyone participates. 


Summer Learning Opportunities

Adult Conversation – Beginner/intermediate

Adult Conversation – Intermediate/Advanced